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The New Hampshire Association of Regional Planning Commissions (NHARPC) is the affiliation of the nine regional planning commissions (RPCs) in the state of New Hampshire. The members of the association are the Commissioners of the nine RPCs, and services are provided by RPC staff. Regional planning commissions are required by New Hampshire statute to prepare regional master plans, compile housing needs assessments, and review developments of regional impact.

NHARPC coordinates the activities of the RPCs on a statewide basis by providing information and technical assistance to its members and other groups and organizations. It maintains strategic partnerships with various state and federal agencies and develops planning policies, programs, legislative positions, responses to topical issues, and special projects and initiatives working on behalf of its member commissions and, by extension, the member cities and towns across New Hampshire.

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NHARPC Mission

The main mission of the NHARPC is to provide a forum to coordinate regional planning initiatives on a statewide basis and to disseminate information about RPCs to other agencies and organizations. The NHARPC maintains strategic partnerships with state agencies, develops shared planning policies, and monitors planning related legislation. The NHARPC works on behalf of its member commissions and, by extension, the member cities and towns across New Hampshire.

NHARPC Membership

Central New Hampshire Regional Planning Commission
Mike Tardiff
Steve Buckley

Lakes Region Planning Commission
Jeff Hayes
Bob Snelling

Nashua Regional Planning Commission
Karin Elmer
Mike Fimbel
Tom Young (Alternate)
Susan Ruch (Alternate)

North Country Council
Barbara Robinson

Rockingham Planning Commission
Cliff Sinnott
Glenn Coppelman
Tim Moore

Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission
David Preece
Peter Griffin
Ray Clement

Southwest Region Planning Commission
Tim Murphy
Larry Robinson
Elaine Levlocke

Strafford Regional Planning Commission
Cynthia Copeland

Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commisssion
Steven Schneider